Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost Done!

Even Josh had to ask me, "are you still taking weekly pictures of her?"

Why yes I am.

Maybe they sit on my camera for weeks.  Maybe she's too wiggly to get good shots.  Maybe I take them in bad lighting just to get 'em done. 

But wouldn't you know it?  I've got them all good and updated.  A certain someone is turning one in a month, and I'd like to involve the pictures somehow in her party decor.

Caroline through the weeks 1
Although I've had moments of UGH when it comes to this project, I'm so thankful that I've done it. Now that Caroline is crawling/climbing/sippy-cup using/into everything, it's precious to me to look back and remember her rocking on all fours (34 weeks) and sitting in a Bumbo seat (19 weeks) and learning to hold up her own head (8 weeks).

These past few sessions have been extra fun since I've gotten to capture a little more of her personality.  She loves, loves, loves to play in the dishwasher (45 weeks) and spoons of any size and shape are her personal favorites.  She's also particularly hard to photograph because she's so dang mobile (44 weeks).  Last week she started clapping (48 weeks).  A lot.  As in, pushing a button on a toy and clapping to the music.  Even the 42 week shot will be fun to remember someday, because I find her standing in her crib so very often.  Because she's a terrible napper and would rather stand there than go to sleep.

At this very moment, it's not so heart-warming.  But I'll look back on it and smile, I'm sure.

The 47 week shot will never be heartwarming for me, since the Michigan-Michigan State game is on the in background.  We lost.  Again.

And there we have it.  Just FOUR MORE WEEKS!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday, before our church family, Josh and I promised to teach Caroline to follow Jesus as Lord.
We promised to model our own faith before her.

We promised to demonstrate God's faithfulness to us by being faithful to each other.
We promised to set an example of how to love others.

Our church promised to support us and pray for us and come alongside us throughout this parenting process.

Our parents came into town to be there for the ceremony.

During the middle of the ceremony, Caroline decided she didn't want to be held, and would rather crawl up the stairs.

While all of Caroline's grandparents surrounded her, her dad and grandpas prayed for her.  Again, she didn't want to be held.  So during the prayer we all got on the floor with her.
It seemed right.

I'll never forget it.

God is so good.