Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our New Bathroom

bathroom 6

Yay, we're finally here!

It took two weeks, several trips to hardware stores, and many hours of work, but we're really pleased with how it turned out.

Sea shells? Gone.
bathroom 4

Faucet, light fixture, and mirror? Updated.
bathroom 3

Walls? Painted. We were going for gray, but ended up with a blue! But we liked it enough to keep it.
bathroom 2

Vanity? Also painted - a chocolate color we have dotted all around our house. We also changed out the hardware to match the faucet and light fixture. By keeping the existing vanity and just spicing it up a bit, we saved ourselves some cash.
bathroom 1

See the old towel bar? When we took it off, a big bunch of drywall came with it. I patched it as well as I could, but we felt it might be best to hang some pictures to hide the evidence. I really loved seeing all kinds of ornate fountains when we were in Rome this past summer, and thought some of our snapshots of them would be appropriate in a bathroom.
bathroom 5

We've had a lot of fun with this, but are definitely glad it is all done now! It wasn't a super cheap project, but by DIY-ing it all the way and buying everything at home improvement stores, it was really pretty reasonable. And really, not too difficult. It has given me confidence to tackle other bathrooms 'round here.

But I think we're "over" home improvement projects for the next couple of months. We need a break!


Clint said...

Looks great!

Gram said...

What a great job! I want to do so "updating" of the condo.... sure wish you were around to give me some ideas!!

Jenni S. said...

You all did a fantastic job! It looks *so* good!

Lynn said...

It looks great! Soon you'll be flipping houses in all your "spare time."