Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sometimes it's just relaxing... spend time on the internet. Even in foreign or exotic places.

We've been in Europe for the past week plus. Our babymoon.

In the course of 5 nights we slept in the following places:

1. Our own bed
2. The plane (always a favorite!)
3. A hotel in Oslo, Norway
4. An overnight train from Bergen to Oslo (which was TOTALLY cool, BTW)
5. On the cruise ship

And then we spent 6 more nights on the cruise.

We've walked. We've cruised. We've had a lot to eat. We've taken pictures. Lots of them. We've explored four different countries. We've met people from all around the world. We've had a wonderful vacation.

And now?

We're blissfully spending an hour at an internet cafe in the Oslo train station. We could be out, further exploring the streets of this very cool city. We could be experiencing local cuisine or shopping or touring a Viking ship museum. But it's just nice to sit here for a moment. Josh is checking sports stuff (seriously? Nebraska's joining the Big Ten?) while I'm catching up on a week's worth of new baby news, pregnancy announcements, and blog reading.

Boring? Lame? Probably.

But it's first thing in the morning here (nothing's open) and it's rainy and cold.

And we just enjoy online time every once in awhile, even when we're on vacation.

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