Monday, January 24, 2011

Ta Da! The laundry nook is complete.

Yay, laundry nook. You work so much better now!



We've got a clothesline. Perfect for drying diaper covers.


We've got a designated diaper pail spot. Nice and tucked away.


We've got some organization. Laundry soap isn't scattered everywhere anymore! Score! This little blue box/basket was a little Target find. It holds all of the essentials: homemade laundry soap, Baby Oxyclean (great for getting out stains!), a bleach pen, etc.


We even have a little bucket in the corner. For clothes with "special cleaning needs." Read: they have recently been pooped on.


The candle is non-negotiable on diaper day.


And the work surface? Aaaahhhh. A great spot for folding a few towels. Or boxers. Or frilly little girly clothes.


I think this project cost us around $60. The MDF was $25, the clothesline was $13, and the blue box was another $10. We already had the paint. It's our beloved West Highland White that's splashed all over our house.

Whew. So glad to have this little project complete! It's a great little spot.


In case you missed it, here's segment one and segment two in the nook saga.


Deni said...

So I was all gun-ho about doing this too, then I realized I can't really do the mdf because I have a top load washer and all the buttons and lint trap are on top for the dryer, however - I am going to steal that clothes line idea!

Ali said...

Genius! One day I'm going to live in a real live house and you are going to help me renovate it. Or you're going to tell me who to pay to do it. And we'll just kick back sippin' wine.

Erika said...

It is amazing how much cloth diapers can reek up a room when you go to wash them :) We have a candle as well, and an air spray for the really bad days :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Hah I love the little clothes line! It makes me smile

Kristen said...

great work! it looks awesome.