Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall 2011 Randomness

Now that we're out of the fall season (yay, Christmas season!) I thought it'd be fun to do a little recap of sorts as to what we've been up to.  You know, since I would someday like to look back on Fall 2011 and not have to guess as to what we did.

1. Caroline has new tricks every day.  It's exciting to sit and watch what new things she does.  And then amusing-meets-aggravating the next moment, as she learns to pull all of the freshly-folded laundry out of the basket and into a heap on the floor.   Or how to go after the toilet brush EVERY TIME she's in the bathroom.  Love that kid.  This post includes a gratuitous helping of pictures for any who are looking to pass the time.


2. I've started to do Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for the first time.  It's been way too long since I've done an in-depth study of the Bible and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so now. AND they offer fabulous, FREE childcare.  A huge, enormous, blessing.  I need to add those ladies to my Christmas gift list.

3. Our girl was Eeyore for Halloween.  We enjoyed some "Boo at the Zoo" the weekend prior and then had our friends over for some quick Trick-or-Treating on the actual day.  Our friends' baby, Mateo, was dressed as a lion, and mostly the kids sat and looked at each other.
1030_6234 1030_6221

Girlfriend loves her the aquarium.

Is it bad to go Trick-or-Treating for the following reasons: A) show off your baby, and B) get candy to eat yourself? Because that's exactly what we did. 1031_6206

4. Josh's parents got Caroline (and us) a membership to COSI, the local science center/children's museum for her first birthday.  We're big fans.  It'll be so nice to have a place to bring a rowdy toddler this winter when playing outside isn't an option.
1106_6043 1106_6021
The water table is Caroline's one true love.  I strip her down to a diaper and let her splish-splash away to her heart's content.1106_6104 1106_6085 1106_6114

5. My friend Jamie (from college) made her annual visit in October. I's so nice to have friends that are willing to take their own time and money to come to visit you. Among other Columbus-area adventures, we went apple picking - a must!
Two years ago we went up to Cedar Point, which was a BIG bunch of fun. Last year I was 8+ months pregnant, so that wasn't going to happen. This year I was still nursing so didn't want to leave Caroline all day long. Maybe we can make another Cedar Point pilgrimage next year? 1014_6412 

6. Caroline and I flew to Chicago in late October.  Who knew - flying with an 11 month old is different than a 3 month old?  My mom met us there to she could watch Caroline while I did some work stuff.  And then we also got to see my cousin Michelle and her little girl, Inez.  So fun.

And yes, I call Caroline the "purple people eater" when she's in her winter get-up.
Caroline was an old pro at the plane ride. For the first 45 minutes.  I was just thankful that the flight to Chicago was only 50 minutes.
7. We discovered rotten subfloor in our master bath, next to and under our existing shower. So we've embarked on a very slow, mostly DIY bathroom project. What I've learned so far:
A. Demo is therapeutic.
B. It's always more expensive than you think it's going to be.
C. Drywall is a challenge.
D. The Internet is a DIYer's best friend.

Post-demo shot:

And here's where we're at today:

1. Demo of old shower and tile floor.
2. New subfloor is in.
3. New fixtures and drain are in.
4. Toilet taken out.
5. New shower pan installed.
6. New shower walls are in.
7. New drywall is up.
8. Drywall patching/mudding/sanding/etc is still (clearly!) in process.

To Do:
OH MY STARS TOO MUCH TO COUNT.  But this list includes:
1. Finish drywall repair.
2. Tear out existing carpet.
3. Tile the entire floor.
4. Hook up the toilet again.
5. Paint the walls.
6. Take out the existing vanity.
7. Create a vanity out of a piece of furniture from IKEA.  (I must be crazy.)
8. Replace light fixtures.
9. Install base trim.

Have you noticed that a simple problem of the need for a new subfloor, shower, and a very small amount of tile has ballooned into a full blown remodel?  It's true.  I am BOUND AND DETERMINED to do something about the ugly-as-sin vanity + light fixtures + curtain. Pic_0067bl

If you made it to the bottom of this post, I applaud you! In summary, Fall 2011 was a blast for the Browns.  And we may never get our master bathroom back.


Ali said...

Love that peach sweater. And her purple people eater winter get-up :)

Amber said...

Looks like a great fall!
2. For months now I have SO been thinking about getting into BSF. I might look into it for the new year and would love to chat sometime about it with you.
3. It is NOT bad. I would do the exact same thing!

Katie said...

Ohmygoodness! Our bathroom remodel began just like that - needing to replace one thing (the shower...and I think we installed the same one you guys did - Lyons Elite from Menards?) and four months later, hello new bathroom! New walls, new sink, new floor, new shower. Good luck!