Sunday, January 29, 2012

Favorite Baby Hat

When Caroline was an itty bitty baby, we had a go-to hat choice for her.

We got complimented on it every time we took her out. 1123_1948-1
It was warm and soft and fit her sweet little newborn head perfectly. I'd gotten it as a gift from my cousin Christina at one of my baby showers. She'd just started making them at that point.

And now, wouldn't you know, she sells them. On etsy. Right here! You can get your own, or else purchase one as a baby gift.  And she actually has a bunch of adorable baby clothes for sale.  And you just might see a certain Brown baby used as a model for one of the dresses.

Check it out, y'all.  Adorable handmade baby hats. 


Ali said...

I remember that hat!!! Precious.

baby hats said...

This baby is so pretty. I like this type of material. In this green and white flower design is so cute. I will try to make this type of cap at my home.