Monday, July 30, 2012


We've got ourselves a bit of a hoarder.

She stacks.  She gathers.  She doesn't share well really loves her toys.

She also climbs, and gets stuck, a lot.  But that's unrelated.

Back to the lovies.  It started with this little pink dog.  Lovey Dog.   He has experienced lots of love and kisses and strangle-hold grips and all-night cuddles.

Over the last 6 months, the number of essential nighttime lovies has grown to 5.

Lollies (Lovey Dog and his cousin, Lovey Blue)
Da (a stuffed dog from IKEA)
A cross between Tankies and Duckies (what she calls her two "blankies")

We now refer to the entire group as her entourage.

Her little arms are wrapped around them each night.

And in the morning, she gathers all five items up onto her lap and all-but-refuses to leave any behind.  The next 15 minutes are spent taking a running inventory of all five items, and attempting to carry them all at the same time.

Let's just say it's a lot like this.

Oh sweet babyhood.  While we are trying to learn the difficult skill of leaving such important possessions in our cribs, I do enjoy the link (or shall we say stranglehold?) she still has to babyhood.  May it last a long time.  I'm not willing to let her grow up too fast.


Mary Kate said...

This is so very precious. I'm missing her already. Also, LOVE the new masthead! (When do you have time to do all this? When I'm eating all the bonbons?!)

Natasha Witte said...

I love the intensity of her grip. I love that she gets stuck places. I cannot wait to see her and the new baby sometime in the next years!