Monday, November 5, 2012

Trip to Germany: Mosel River and Burg Eltz

Suffice it to say we were totally charmed by Germany.  You've got the rivers.  The hills on either side.  The trees turning all gold and red and orange.  And then the vineyards.  They were cut right into the hillsides.  I guess that region is known for Riesling, and the reflection off of the water helps the grapes grow just right.  Who knew?

1019_8317 1019_8319
(That's Caroline practicing ballet, by the way.)

And the vineyards were starting to turn colors too.

And then every once in awhile, what did we spot on the hilltops?  Oh, you know, castles.

We stared in wonder, driving up the river mile after mile, marveling over it all.
1018_7067 1019_8339-1

One of our planned pit stops was to stop and explore a famous castle, Burg Eltz, which was located close to the Mosel.  1019_8371

We followed signs to "park and walk" and had lunch at a little inn where we parked the car.

Little did we know that "park and walk" meant a full-out hiking trail through the woods.  We had an ill-equipped umbrella stroller, while the other tourists had those hiking sticks!  And, as luck would have it, we experienced Diaper Explosion 2012 on that muddy hiking path.

Notice who isn't wearing tights in the castle pics.  She isn't wearing an undershirt either, as we THREW IT AWAY.  Gratefully it was a balmy 70 degrees, so neither was necessary.
1019_8352-1 1018_7106-2

And when we got to the castle, we found ourselves on a guided tour in 100% German.
Let's just say we'll never forget that day!

And the castle itself?  Very storybook-ish. Steep pitched roof tops and turrets abounding.
1019_6825 1018_7121

On our way back to Erden that evening, we stopped at Trier, which is an old Roman town Josh wanted to explore.  So he did - while Caroline and I napped in the car! 1019_6844

Looks like a very charming place!  Maybe I'll get out of the car next time we're in the area.1019_6841

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