Thursday, December 6, 2012

Caroline's Birthday

She turned two a couple of weeks ago.
1117_9462 1117_9476

It was her first time opening presents without help, and not surprisingly she caught on quickly.  In fact, she's since found a few Christmas gifts I'd wrapped up in advance, and opened those up too.  1117_9481 1117_9480

Technology meets expat life meets grandparents still want to celebrate.  Thank you Skype and FaceTime... where would we be without you?

And as the big birthday rolled around, we realized we'd become those parents.  The ones who overindulge their children on TV characters (in our case, Peppa Pig!) and organize birthdays around those characters.  We bought her Peppa Pig PJs and a shirt.  Oma and Opa helped with a Peppa dollhouse and a load of books.  And then we took her to the holy grail of Peppa Pig fun: Peppa Pig World.
The snob in me hangs her head in shame. 

But the mom in me LOVED seeing my little girl squeal with delight and wonder as she ran through Peppa Pig World.
1117_9614 1117_9521
Screw snobby me.  My girl loved it.

"Peppa Kig!  Peppa Kig!"

"Peppa Kig House," the most lame exhibit they offered, was a favorite with our girl.  The fake pig family moved only slightly and had a repeated conversation about making pancakes.
1118_9817 1118_9814

We also rode the rides - train, "balloon," and "cloud" along with enjoying the indoor soft play area.  Complete with major slide.

1117_9526 1117_9595


1117_9575 1117_9577


And a very fun ball area as well.
1117_9558 1117_9557

Caroline even got to meet Peppa and her brother, George.

1117_9607 1118_9406

As we won't be a family of 3 for too much longer, and Josh and I savored the opportunity to focus on and celebrate our little toddler girl.  We topped off the day with Caroline's favorite treat - an ice cream cone.
1118_9853 1118_9849
What a treasure she is.  We're so grateful for her life.  Thank you, Jesus.