Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby love.

She's a full 7 weeks old now.
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Increasingly awake and alert.  Cooing.

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Yes, smiling.

She's gazing up at big sister in this one:
Melt me.

Side note: I am a true sucker for baby clothes that are "kimono style" like this H&M shirt. 

The girls and I are settling into life at home during the work week.  Lots of diapers and feedings and hugs and "Winnie Pooh" and an awkward combination of nursing and reading picture books to Caroline one-handed.

Let's just say that with Caroline doing the page turning, not every page gets read.  AOK with me when it comes to Cat in the Hat (a current favorite of Caroline's, but not so much mine.)

Caroline has adjusted to big sisterhood remarkably well, praise Jesus.  She's such a happy and busy toddler that I think she's too wrapped up in picture books, her Peppa Pig dollhouse, and spreading small toys around the apartment to give too much mind to a baby around here.  But she's always happy to oblige when we ask her to kiss Juliet in the "big sister spot" (forehead.)

A couple of weeks ago we tried out Juliet on a bottle and Caroline, completely unprompted, bounded up next to Josh, exclaimed "I big sister!" and proceeded to help with the feeding. 

We went in for our six week check last week, and found that Juliet is in the 25th percentile for weight and height.  4.2 kilos!  Which is 9 pounds, 4 oz.  I've been enjoying the baby thigh rolls.  Bring 'em on! 

This child bring us such joy.

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Jaimbob said...

what!?! A 7 week old that is actually on the charts! Woot! ;)