Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Gift

Riley wasn't doing so well post-surgery, so I took him into the vet's office so they could check him out. Apart from prescribing additional pain meds and some antibiotics, they thought he might be having some... well... back end problems, and suggested he be given soft food for awhile.

So when we got home, I scooped some canned food into his dish.

It is nasty. It looks like barf.

Riley sometimes gets freaked out by food he hasn't seen before. Like last summer, we thought he'd enjoy some leftover hot dog, so we put some chunks in his dish. He wasn't too sure about this new food, and proceeded to run around the house with hot dog pieces in his mouth. Then he tried to bury them in the guest bed.

We warned my in-laws, who visited the next day, that they juuuust might find cold bits of grilled hot dog between their pillows.

I shouldn't have been surprised by what he did with his canned food. I went upstairs to check on him, and discovered a delightful gift in the doorway into my bedroom.

Thank you, Riley.

Thankfully, the next time I went upstairs it was gone. And he has been in looooove with canned food ever since.

Side notes:
1. No, we don't have a bed. It isn't high on our house priority list right now. The mattress on the floor thing is also working out well with Riley's bum leg issue, so we're not in a huge hurry.
2. No, I don't often make my bed. Don't judge.
3. Riley continues to have issues with his right front leg, and I'm hoping the vets figure it out soon. I hate seeing him in pain.
4. The back end problems, on the other hand, seem to have cleared up. I gave him dry kibble this morning, and he hasn't yet touched it. Mr. Hunger Strike.


Becky said...

I hope Riley feels better soon! Hilarious that he takes the food upstairs though! I love that you have a copy of The End Is Now on the floor, and I don't make my bed either. ;)

Clint said...

Great side notes... haha