Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Quick Fix

So our washing machine and dryer are on the main floor in a little stretch of hallway between our garage and the rest of the house.


In my opinion, this is a pretty convenient place for the "laundry room" (aka laundry closet without doors) to be - right off of the eat-in kitchen and close to the family room. Perfect for those of us that need to watch TV when they're folding clothes, which in my opinion helps take the edge off of the boring chore.

Due to its' location, the laundry nook also ends up being a bit of a dumping grounds. The dog's leash, my purse, fabric softener, and dirty clothes all seem to collect here, and it is just a bit unsightly.


The solution?  An idea I stole right from these guys.


At $25 a pop these shades are the perfect way to close off this area when we have people over. I don't think it is necessary to hide away the laundry nook completely, but they definitely serve to tidy up our messy nook. Especially important since this is in such a main part of our house. Cheap and easy (they took about 15 minutes to put up) - my kind of project.



Sue said...

Good idea! That looks great! :)

Short Stop said...

What a *great* idea!! It's the perfect solution.

Jessica Marie said...

hi :D just wanted to let you know that i found your blog by googling my name (i'm jessica brown too!) and i love it.

this is a great solution for your laundry area. i'm about to redo our laundry area as well..

Erika said...

Never would have thought of that. Interesting idea. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Kristen said...

what a great idea! love it.