Saturday, March 20, 2010

House Projects: Future

Oops, I almost forgot about this series - and this is the fun part.

And by "fun" I mean ugly.

We have a few not-yet-touched parts of this house for our to-do list!

3. Our Basement

This will be a big project someday! There are 3 partially finished rooms and one unfinished one - lots of space that we don't remotely need right now. We're thankful that some of the groundwork has been laid for a finished basement, but let's just say it isn't quite where we'd like to see it.

Oh, and please excuse the mess.


Fake wood paneling isn't exactly our style, so at the very least we'd like to paint it. We'll also do something to freshen up the ceiling/light fixtures.


And then there's the floors. The three "finished" rooms have those sticky linoleum tiles that after 25 years are starting to lose their stick. Carpet someday, maybe?


We figure that my office will one day move down there to one of the smaller rooms, and the large room would be great for a play room/game room. Pool table? Ping pong? It could be fun for down the line. We even have a bathroom down there, which is great. It just needs a little TLC.


2. Upstairs Bathrooms

We have a master bath and a hall bath upstairs that are good sized and totally functional but just a bit dated. We've got seashell sinks all around, in addition to older light fixtures and faucets.

The master bath is also carpeted. Weird for a bathroom, I think!


These pictures were totally taken before we moved in. But since the bathroom has changed NOT AT ALL since we moved in, they're still good!


Then the hall bath? It sports a wooden toilet seat. Aww yeah.


Of course.


1. The Baby's Room!

Claro que si! I'm itching to get started on this project - totally itching. We're looking to change just about everything - which isn't saying much because it is pretty much a blank slate right now! Take down the 90's Lion King border? Yes. Blinds/curtains? Soon to be replaced! Light fixture? Changed up. Maybe to a ceiling fan, since it gets toasty upstairs in the summer. And then we'll certainly be painting it - color TBD.


We'll also need to stop thinking of this place as convenient storage for suitcases, pillows, and stuff we need to take to Goodwill.


This, thankfully, was and is the only room with any wallpaper in the house! Shouldn't be too bad to take down.


I'm itching to change up the window treatments to something cute.


So there you have it. Our house list as it currently stands. We'll keep you posted as we go!


Polly said...

Hi, was catching up on old posts and saw that you are adopting! Yay! So excited for ya'll!! In case you have not read Together for Adoption by Russell Moore, it is awesome!

Caroline said...

I just found your blog through YHL. Love the kitchen redo! Congrats on adopting! That's awesome.

andrea said...

Found your blog through YHL and have been reading through old posts. Your kitchen looks great!

candysu said...

LOVE the paneled bathroom. Absolutely classic. Good luck!

P.S. Love your wall colors & kitchen! (Found from YHL)

Lynn said...

Can't wait to see what you do with these spaces.

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