Monday, March 8, 2010

House Projects: Present

There are a few projects that are just kind of "on hold." They aren't huge priorities. In general, they're mostly complete, and just waiting for finishing touches. In fact, we'll probably make our way to some of our "House Projects: Future" items before we tackle these.

And here they are:

5. Master Bedroom



-walls painted
-bedding found
-bed purchased
-mirror purchased
-frames purchased, painted, and hung
(the last two items were Christmas presents from Josh)

To Do:
-replace light fixture with ceiling fan
-put art work/photos in frames
-add some decorative pillows
-more art for the walls?
-hem one of the curtains because it is longer than the rest and drives me crazy


4. My Office


-walls painted
-desks purchased and assembled
-supplies put away

To Do:
-buy matching chairs
-paint extra furniture to match
-hang curtains

3. Guest Bedroom



-walls painted
-bed set up, our old bedding put on
-extra desk put in
-curtains bought and hung (albeit slightly too high)

To Do:
-hang up wall art (that's currently on the floor)
-maybe take out the desk and/or get a chair that matches (not an old one I got free from work)


2. Living Room => Play Room

I think we're just going to repurpose this room all together. I mean, it's a big formal living room (currently acting as a library) that we almost never go in. And it'd be nice to have a designated space for baby B's toys on the main floor. Josh was originally under the mistaken impression that all of baby B's toys would be housed in baby B's room. But I think he is coming around to the reality that rugrat stuff DOES inevitably take over the main living space of your house so you may as well be prepared.



-walls painted
-existing and new (and yet still mostly hand-me-down!) furniture added
-books on shelves
-dishes on shelves

To Do:
-make the bookshelf more kid-friendly. Baskets underneath, maybe? Clear out the bottom shelf to make ready for kiddy stuff?
-get a fun rug
-get some kind of shelf/toy organization system
-add some artwork (half kid-friendly, half living room-friendly)to what will otherwise be a big open wall.

1. Kitchen Sink

Josh reminded me that technically the kitchen is still a work in progress because we'd like to put in a new sink/faucet. White sink, oil-rubbed bronze faucet.


My next list? You guessed it - House Projects: Future. This is where I'll reveal the REALLY needy places around here.


Amy said...

You might regret a white kitchen sink :/ they're hard to keep perfectly bright-white over the years. I like the look of your current set up!

m said...

Good point Amy ~ except if you live in an area with high mineral content. Then the water spots would blend in with white....

Elizabeth said...

I love the checklist aspect of this post. Very cool. I should do that with my own house, because we moved in 9 months ago, and sometimes I have a hard time giving myself credit for the things I've already DONE. Instead I just look at what's left to do. Thanks for the inspiration.

Do you mind telling me where you got those cool stools for you kitchen counter? Thanks!

Diane M. T. said...

I've been looking around online for an oversized mirror like yours for my bedroom. Do you mind sharing where you found your's?