Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've really been enjoying sewing lately. These days it's a great way to kill time before lovingly prepare for our baby's arrival. I have also discovered that the Internet provides a wealth of easy ideas, patterns and tutorials. Go figure!

Not surprisingly, I really love making baby stuff. Cute little items for Nugget? Absolutely. But I also truly enjoy making simple things friends, too. A couple of years ago I started making burp cloths. Very fun. Since then I've enjoyed finding cute flannel and experimenting with the designs - it's more interesting that way.

Frayed edges = fun.

I've also started experimenting with applique onesies. Like this one. I actually made a little set of these - one for our baby and two for the LeCompte boys. I'm hoping we get a chance to line all three babies up together wearing these.

And it's fun to use scraps from burp cloths and other larger projects and turn them into a coordinated little set.

Last night I tried something new. My parents got me this great messenger bag for my birthday (I'm TOTALLY a sucker for messenger bags, btw) and thought it might work well for a diaper bag down the line. I agree! We have a more traditional diaper bag too, but it'd be nice to go out with the baby at times and just look like I have a large purse. Right?

Yes, those are my snowflake pajama pants you see there. And no, this picture wasn't taken first thing in the morning. PJ pants are simply more comfortable than my maternity pants these days.

Anywho, I saw this Sushi-roll changing pad tutorial online last week, and was immediately interested. And thought it might be fun to make a changing pad that coordinated with my new messenger bag. I mean, before I can start making these as gifts I need to try one out on my own family, right?

So I bought some material (on sale at Jo-Ann's), batting, and elastic.

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I was hoping for some decorative/colorful elastic, but alas Jo-Ann's only had white and black. Oh well.

I cut out the "pattern" (a 18x22 inch rectangle of two coordinating materials + batting) and ironed it.

And then, following the very easy instructions, and watching old 30 Rock episodes at the same time, I sewed it together in no time. I love projects that take an hour or less... and those that are super duper easy... and those where I really like the result.

To store in your diaper bag/purse, just fold in half and roll.

A perfect match? No. But they jive.

Next I'd like to try...


-This bib

-These shoes

-These letters

-Pretty much all of this stuff

I've got my work cut out for me. Who knows how much I'll continue to do one Nugget arrives, but for now I'm having a lot of fun. Anyone have any favorite crafty websites to share? Any fun projects I should try and tackle? I need then to be easy. Leave some suggestions for me!


Lynn said...

Cute stuff, Jess! I see an etsy store in your future....

Erin said...

So cute! Lucy LOVES the burp clothes you made her because she uses them for baby blankets! Who knew that burp clothes are the perfect size to cover a small doll?

Anonymous said...

Wow Jess! You are amazing! You are definately your mother's daughter! Love the cute onesies, burp clothes with fringes, and all the other cute ideas! Way cute! We have to get a few gifts to your mom before you have that beautiful baby! We can't wait!

All our love!

Kathy, Grace and Ellie

Jenner said...

i love your bag! i saw one in the same print (Fossil right?) and have been eying it for a diaper bag! the projects are awesome. good for you! good luck with the labor when it comes!