Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Nursery


It's done! And all good 'n ready for our sweet little nugget to arrive.

You remember us painting the room. And then when we Josh made the shelves. We added furniture this summer, and then I had some fun making a crib skirt and a few other things.

And now? All we need is a baby.


I'll give you a 360 degree tour, starting with the wall closest to the hallway.

Basically, I'm starting with the most boring side of the room, and spinning in a circle from there. I'm okay with boring on this wall, because there's just not much else I can do about it. Almost no wall space + two brown doors. The one on the left is the closet, and the one on the right leads to the hall.


I'm not in love with the fact that both the vent and the light switches are off center, but I'll deal with it.


Tangent: I really love this bouncy seat. It's one of the cuter, less obnoxious ones out there, I think. Hopefully Nugget likes it, too. And I'm sure it won't stay here in her room all the time, but get dragged all over the house as need be.

On this wall we did add a couple of hooks. I figure they'll be great for a hoodie, a hat, and/or a bag from time to time. And when they're not in use? They snap shut close to the wall. Bonus.


Another addition to the wall? The baby monitor camera. I originally thought that a video monitor would be overkill, but was convinced that it will come in handy. Josh's parents got it for us as a shower gift, and I'm sure we'll like being able to peek on our little one without actually going in her room.


I'm glad we had a hidden little spot behind the closet door to mount it to the wall. And that we could run the cord along the molding. Less of an eyesore - you'd hardly notice it. And it still points into the crib.

Which brings me to...

Wall #2.


In lieu of a traditional mobile we opted for paper lanterns. After lots of fighting discussion about how they should be hung and spaced, we finally came up with this arrangement. These guys cost us around $3 each from here and we hung them with simple white ribbon. They're attached to the ceiling with little silver screw-in hooks I picked up at Meijer.


Also, we were a little worried about what they'd do with the ceiling fan on, but they just shake slightly back and forth. Hey, it might even make them more interesting to a certain someone laying in her crib.

And thus far, we really like this crib. Wal-Mart, baby! I'm an especially big fan of the drawer.


Moving along to the corner. We've got our IKEA Poang Chair - with a freshly washed upholstery cover. For a long time it sported an brownish/orange hue on the head rest that I couldn't get out. Who knew that you could open the velcro, pull out the pads, and wash the fabric in the washer/dryer? We've had this chair for 5 years and that concept just occurred to me recently. So we're squeaky clean and ready to go.


Next to the chair is a basket for some books. Right now they're mostly hers. I may sneak in a few of my own, too.

Aren't the little pennant flags cute? My friend Lora (the same one that made the quilt) helped throw me a shower and she sewed these for decorations. And, of course, used some of the exact fabric I'd picked out. And then she let me take them home from the shower. I think they're adorable!

Here they are at the shower:



And now? Hanging proudly in our baby's room. Love them.


Next we've got a basic storage ottoman. Josh bought this for me for Christmas a couple of years back because he knew I wanted one for our Bloomington, Indiana apartment. When we moved into this house we didn't have a good spot for it, and it got relegated to storage in the basement. But it is now getting a new life in Nugget's room.


Not only does it work nicely as a second seat (you know, if both parents to hang out with her in her room) but also doubles nicely as a toy box. And it fits under the window.


Continuing on this wall, we've got our shelves.

(Picture taken right after we finished that project, pre-window-covering, etc.)

And then, the weird corner with two more doors! Because every nursery needs four doors.


The door on the left leads to another closet - a weird shaped one since it's over the stairs. We keep our important files and such in there. The door on the right leads right into our bedroom.

Here's the view from our room into hers:


Finishing up the tour is the dresser/changing area.


We decided not to spring for a changing table in here, but instead to just throw a pad on top of the dresser. Because really, where would we have put a changing table? And the tin basket on the right holds diaper changing paraphernalia.


Above the dresser is a frame collage.


You'll notice an empty shadow box in there. We plan to fill this with Nugget's picture and hospital bracelet once she arrives. Otherwise we've got a shot of Riley eating snow, one of us on our wedding day, a print we bought on Etsy, some numbers I cut out with a die cut machine, and a Bible verse.


That wraps us up! We're back to the boring wall now, so the 360 degree tour has been completed. In general, we're really pleased with the room and can't wait to bring her home to it. It's been such fun to put it together.

And because no good home improvement post is complete without this part....



And after:



Deni said...

So so cute!

Mary DeBoer said...

Very nice Jessica. How exciting! Thanks for sharing these photos.
I would also be annoyed with the vent cover being off of my quirks I suppose.
Could you paint it the same color as the wall so it blends in?
And for the light switch thing...I suppose you'd have to hire my husband to come and center that for you....LOL!
The nursery looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks for keeping us posted!

Mike and Rebecca said...

I LOVE it!

Marcia said...

That is charming, inviting, beautiful, and WAITING to be filled!
LOVE that you shared (and did/made) all those details. I think the camera will be helpful when she's a teenager LOL :)

Jenni S. said...

It's perfect, Jess. I love it. Btw, embarrassingly enough, your um shower gift is sitting on the couch in the office *still.* Sorry I haven't sent it yet. I'm hoping to at least get it to you before the baby comes. :-)

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

It looks amazing! I love it! When I finally buy a house, you can come decorate for me. Can't wait to hear when you have the new baby

Janine said...

The nursery looks wonderful! It's the perfect space for your precious little girl. You and Josh did a great job!

Lynn said...

Fabulous! I love that your style shines through every creative angle. Love it!

Erika said...

Oh my word, Jess, adorable!!! You guys are so creative :) I love the room and I have no doubt the little nugget will as well :)

Ali said...


Laura said...

Gorgeous! Want to come and do mine? :-)

Stephanie Pendleton said...

Crazy adorable... and I LOVE that crib too :)

So happy for both of you!

Rosalie T. Schraut said...

Where did you get the book shelves?