Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A few more little projects.

They were all easy to make and inexpensive.

They required little or no sewing. (Not that I really mind sewing... I'm just not that great at it.)

And we like seeing the little pops of color and flair that these little craft projects give our nursery.

1. A basket liner.

We're all about a neutral baby room 'round here... for the most part. But since we're expecting a girl it's fun to throw in a little pink here or there. Especially in places that could be easily switched up should we use this nursery for a little boy someday.

Much as I love our bookshelves, they aren't close enough to our nursing/reading chair to be able to easily grab a few books. So we bought a cheap basket at Homegoods, and I thought it needed a splash of pink for fun.

I've got no instructions, no tutorial, no before/afters. (The horror!) But with the help of my friend Lora, I managed to use Heat n' Bond tape + a small bit of sewing to line the basket.

It'll be great to have a few favorite books an an arm's reach.

2. A tin tub liner.

Same song, second verse. We bought this cute little tub at IKEA a few weeks ago, and I thought it would come in handy as a diaper changing supply catch-all that sits on top of the dresser. We plan to get a foam mat & coordinating pad and put it up there next to the tin tub for a changing station.

But of course, it needed some pink, too.

3. A simple cornice.

We hung up a basic shade to cover the window, but it looked a little blah. However, we had some cute fabrics to use here and there throughout the room and quickly came up with the idea of making a little cornice.

I vaguely remembered making a couple cornices with my mom for my room when I was a teenager. So with that distant memory in mind, I headed for the craft store. Foam board was on sale for $1 per sheet, so I picked up a few sheets and brought them home. I measured the window frame, and then set to work with an exacto knife, tape measure, and hot glue to make a little box.

Then I tried it out and hung it right on top of the shade - no additional hardware needed.

And then for the fun part. Adding fabric. I just cut out enough yellow and orange polka dotted fabric (the same as the crib skirt) and wrapped it around the foam board box. I used Tacky Glue as my adhesive (hot glue dries too fast sometimes) and then hung the whole thing in place 10 minutes later.

Blah window covering? Spiced up. Another splash of orangey yellow thrown somewhere, for the sake of consistency? Done. The cost? I already had the fabric, the knife, and the glue, so... $2. Just the foam board. If you were starting from scratch? $15-20, maybe?

So there's a peek into some simple, quick little projects that we've been working on around here. Next stop? Some art for the walls...


Tonya said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the window treatment idea. I have been brainstorming for a creative way to cover my icky blind thing that sticks out several inches in my apartment and this is a reasonable and easy solution. Thanks again for sharing.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Wow! Such simple ideas, but so pretty! Well done! I'm impressed!

I will have to steal some of these ideas!