Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Photoshoot with Will and Drew

Before I even met Will and Drew I'd begged their parents to let me take some pictures of them. I love learning about photography, and baby photography is something I think I'll be doing a lot of in the coming months! DeeDee and Chris were gracious enough to let me practice on their twins.
These little buddies are just too darling.





Lessons learned:
-For every decent shot, plan on taking at least 20 sub-par ones.
-Photoshop is your bff
-Flexibility is a close second
-They juuuust might not cooperate when the light is best
-But when you get bad skin tones, there's always a black/white option down the road
-Get them good & well fed before trying to take sleeping shots
-Have fun playing with different textured blankets/backgrounds
-Plan on this taking all afternoon


Paulina said...

Super cute photos! Jessica, you are like the jack of all trades- scrap booking/card making, house projects, photographer and who knows what else!

Lynn said...

Awesome Job, Jess! You may have found your next career.