Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Witte Wedding

It was an outdoor wedding in West Michigan. In late August.

Can we say risky?

Had Josh and I chosen an outdoor venue for our big day (we had an early June West Michigan wedding), we would have had folks fainting from heat stroke and a much-too-toasty, overly quick reception. And my hair would have worked its way out of numerous bobby pins and formed a terrible curly disaster by the time we wrapped up.

But this wedding? It was THE perfect outdoor wedding. Complete with blue skies and a cool breeze. No rain in sight. No smothering midwestern heat.


And a beautiful, very-much-in-love couple, Christina & Tom.


They danced to The Luckiest by Ben Folds. I love that song.


A handsome groom and his gorgeous, radiant bride. I couldn't stop snapping pictures of them.




And of course, I do love wedding decor. They went with elegant and simple, and pulled it off beautifully.

Cakes as centerpieces (each made by my Aunt Phyllis, Christina's mom).


Lights and lanterns and paper balls made a plain white tent look charming and festive.


Especially after dark.


Natasha, Christina's older sister and maid of honor, toasted the couple. Natasha lived in the basement apartment of my parents' house for the last 5 years and only JUST moved out this past summer. I loved having her down there because I could go down and visit her when I was in town visiting my parents. A couple of weeks ago she started a new job - in Guatemala. I miss her! But what an incredible adventure.


Actually, Christina lived down there, too, for a couple of years. Way fun.

This is my cousin Michelle and her husband Rowley. They're expecting a baby girl, too! Exactly 2 months after our Nugget is due to be born. So exciting.


I caught a few water-glass-clinking-kisses from my seat at our table with my zoom lens.



My cousin Kim thought I was shooting her.


See all of these blondies? Aren't they cute? They're all children of my Witte cousins. And there are more blondies in this generation, too, but many are still little buggers and were left home with babysitters. I wonder if we'll have one to add to the mix.


The little girls stayed on the dance floor all night. It was awesome.

A beautiful summer evening. A blissfully happy bride and groom. Great wedding.


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Kristen said...

fun! i love their decorations.

what a beautiful bride!