Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I really want to fast forward six weeks and hold our baby girl in my arms. And introduce her to Josh and her adoring fans (grandparents). And count her ten fingers and ten toes. And then bring her home and devote entire days to snuggling with her on the couch.

There have been some quick points in this pregnancy, but in general it's marched along at the pace of a Dostoyevsky novel.

On Monday we hit the six week mark.

Maybe it'll be only four? (A girl can hope!) Or maybe seven plus? (Noooooo!)

And maybe God's teaching me a little something about patience. And waiting on His timing.

This pregnancy has pretty much been a breeze, and I'm so very thankful for that. Heck, I'm so thrilled to be pregnant in the first place. It's been a tremendous blessing.

But right now? I'm ready to be done and meet this kid.

We're done with the nursery (pictures to come soon!). We have the equipment. The car seat has been successfully installed in the car. Itty bitty clothes are washed and in drawers and the hospital suitcase is mostly packed.

So, seasoned moms of the Internet, please give me your advice on what I should do for the next six weeks. How do we prepare our hearts for this child? What do you wish you'd have done pre-baby?


Nicole Wiltrout said...

Oh, I felt the same way! I thought the last few weeks went SO SLOWLY. I do wish we would have gone to more movies and ate at non-kid-friendly restaurants (and taken our time and savored slow meals...) Also, meet child-less friends for coffee, lunch or dinner... because that will become challenging soon, too. One thing I did do those last few weeks is cook a bunch of meals to freeze. And that paid off BIG TIME!

Good luck to you guys! She will be such a joy and blessing (but you already know that!) It's been fun following your journey thus far.

Erin VT said...

I remember feeling that way waiting for Brody, feeling like the time was just crawling by. This time around I haven't had the time to feel that way just because life seems so much busier with a toddler so just remember that when you are pregnant the second time.:) As far as what to do, I would say plan a couple fun date nights with Josh. These last few weeks are the last days it will be just the two of you and even though newborns sleep a lot, you will be tired and it will be harder to get away. I will be praying for you as you near the end. I owe you an email. I will get to that soon.:)

Gram said...

Jess, I just have to tell you..... God has already done such an incredible job of preparing your hearts for this liitle girl but even then you will be completely awestruck by the overwhelming love you feel for a screaming, yucky covered little body they put in your arms. I remember "smart" to have pulled off such a feat!

Carolyn said...

Although I don't know you in person, I'm "delurking" to encourage you. I have two small children, and I think back to those last few months before kids very fondly. Once that baby is born, your time is no longer your own. Your every moment is dictated by the needs of another person. And, although it is all worth it in the end, it means the loss of your independence and freedom. So what to do in these last 6 weeks? ANYTHING YOU WANT! Go on dates with your husband, leave the house on a whim, go to a movie, go out to dinner, browse through stores--all the simple things that suddenly become a huge project after baby is here. I know it's hard to wait, but honestly try to enjoy it. Because soon it will be gone for good!

Jenn C said...

OK, so I'm not a "Mom expert", but speaking as someone who's little boy was 2 weeks late.. I'd say plan things to do, dates, hang out time with friends, etc up to the due date (and beyond). Your friends will understand if you have to cancel at the last minute. :D

Paulina said...

I love all of the comments, they are so true. Delight in the Lord's timing for all of this, take time each morning to rejoice in that specific day that He has made! On a practical note, before I had Sophie, I took time to read the Excellent Wife - once baby comes you are going to be so busy thinking about baby things. So reading a book on the marriage relationship kind of helped me focus on something else - my husband, how I could become a better wife, etc,. instead of just thinking about when this baby was coming!

Rachel said...

First and foremost, you need to plan on 41 weeks. Don’t “get checked” if they give you that option because it will fill your head with hope or despair that doesn’t carry much weight. Make as many meals ahead of time that will fit in your freezer. I did this, and it was probably the most helpful nesting activity. Lastly, go out for as many dinners and movies with your hubby as possible. It is such a special time, enjoy! Oh, don’t forget to take the “last photo” - the one on your way to the hospital or at the hospital. I regret not taking this!

The Kruegers said...

-ditto to others on making frozen meals to have on hand
-lay in bed and enjoy the silence (it's hard to appreciate until it is taken away but try :)!)
-eat a meal as slowly as you can (we now find ourselves stuffing our faces before a baby starts crying)
-take extra long showers
-cuddle with Josh
-do something/buy something for yourself that isn't a necessity
-research/interview babysitters so once you are ready for one, you have a few options and don't have to hassle with the interview process (we used to find a few)
-make a "call" list to use at the hospital once the babies are born
-get "thank you" cards to have on hand at the house
-draft an email to send out once the baby is born

I could go on and on :)......

sarahn said...

As a NICU nurse I know you are eagerly waiting baby girl, but please remember you want her to stay in as long as possible so she has the best transition as possible to life on the outside:) And as a mom of two I would say sleep as much as you comfortably can. I know that is what I have missed the most in the last 7 years is sleeping multiple hours without interruption:) Good luck I really enjoy watching you go through this journey, babies are truly a wonderful and amazing blessing to our lives.
Sarah Neidlinger

Erika said...

It's all already been said, Jess. Good luck trying to actually do it :)

Can't wait to see pics of the nursery and this new little girl!! Hang in there, my friend, one day this will end and when you look back it will seem all to quickly!