Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Shoes

Yes, I'm still sewing. No, our baby hasn't yet arrived.

There's a significant connection there, not surprisingly.

My latest focus: baby shoes. From this pattern. Oh, Internet, how I love your free sewing ideas.

Here's the first pair I tried, for our Nugget. The trial run. I made them to go with a shirt I made for her... but since the shirt displays the first initial of her first name, I'll refrain from posting it here.


And, once I realized I could successfully construct baby shoes, I tried making some for friends, as a gift. I sent them along with a sushi-roll changing pad to match, for a certain baby boy named Drew.


Since I haven't actually tried them out before on a real, live, child, I cannot speak to their durability, fit, or any other practical piece of this equation. I'm just hoping for the best. Hopefully baby Drew likes them okay.


After sending those off, I figured that Nugget needed another pair. I love the orange and yellow, but let's face it, her wardrobe tends to include quite a few pinks. So of course she needs another pair to match. Right? Because nothing says "practical" like shoes for a child that can't walk, even if they do match the rest of her wardrobe.


For this pair I thought it'd be fun to try out some applique. It turned out to be a fun addition to the project. However, as I turned to Josh to show off my latest completed shoe yesterday over football, he asked me, "Now how many shoes have you made today?"

"Um, just the one."
"Wow, those take a long time."
"Yes, yes they do."


But really, I don't mind.


Ali said...

I am trying so hard not to be jealous. Those shoes are amazing. I cannot believe you MADE them! Oh, how'd I love to be able to do that!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Oh my goodness, those are just precious!!!! Best of luck with the delivery. = )

Deni said...

Cute, cute cute! You are talented! :) Hey, you sure you will have time to photoshop a picture for me if I send you one (or two)? If not no worries...I can work it out! Hugs!

Mike and Rebecca said...

You are so CRAFTY! I love all the things you create!

Kristen said...

the shoes are darling. there are so many great ideas and tutorials on line. i am impressed with the shoes.... were they hard??

i love all your little sewing projects... you have been busy.

i can't wait to hear of nuggets arrival. tuesday or friday are great days {mauryn and morgan's birthdays} ;o)

Jessica said...

Where did you get the pattern? Those are the cutest little shoes ever!! Very impressive.

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

Those are adorable! I love them!