Friday, April 8, 2011

The Basement Project: Trash Removal

Random unrelated tangent: Blogger tells me I've had 600 posts! Holy Cow.

Back to the (somewhat boring) basement update.

Remember this? See the first picture in particular.

Well, we had a bunch of junk down there. Random 2x4's (thank you previous owners!) Boxes of childhood memorabilia (thank you Mom and Dad!) Assorted old suitcases, furniture and books (thank you us!)

Oh, and materials that we were replacing. Floor tiles and ceiling tiles, mostly. And an ugly bathroom vanity + mirror.

All this adds up to a serious need to purge. We saved a lot of mementos from our childhoods and our wedding, and stored them neatly in the unfinished room. And then what was left - and salvageable - went to Goodwill. But my old Psychology 100 notes? Stained ceiling tiles? No one wants those. We needed a trash strategy, as we had a crap-load of, well, crap to get rid of. Enter Bagster.


We picked up two of these bags at Lowe's. I think they were $29 each. They come in these very manageable packages, and then it's up to you to set them up in your driveway.

Setting them up is super easy. It basically involves unfolding a large green bag.

And then, we filled 'em up.


And then, we let them sit in our driveway for two months. Yes, it was classy.

Thankfully our next door neighbors were doing a remodeling job of their own, and had a tub and toilet in their front yard at the same time.

We were teaming up to raise property values in the area. Clearly.

When we FINALLY got around to it, we went to Bagster's website and arranged for a pick up of the bags. The first one was $89 and the second was $69. If we'd had a third or fourth, they'd have been $69 each, too. Just over $200 seemed pretty reasonable to us for major trash pick up!

And then, we were left with a clean slate in the basement. Ready for painting.


Dad said...

We are glad you were the one to purge your stuff we didn't dare. That's why we dumped it all on you.

Dad said...

We are glad you were the one to purge your stuff we didn't dare. That's why we dumped it all on you.

Ali said...

It's a heck of a lot better than those whackos who leave PODS in their driveway for years!

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