Friday, April 1, 2011

My favorite shoes.

Let me tell you about my favorite pair of shoes.

Picture 056
They're red. They're Reeboks.

Picture 049
At this point, they're faded and dirty, too.

I bought them from Plato's Closet about five years ago for under $20. I continue to wear them all the time. They've been around the country, and the world, with me. I had fun going through some old pictures this morning, looking for my red shoes. Climbing trees in Chile, spring of 2008

South_America 302
Horseback riding in Argentina, spring of 2008

South_America 406
Big hair. Ouch.

Apple picking in Indiana with my friend Jamie, fall of 2008

Picture 020-1
IU tailgate with our buddies in Bloomington, fall of 2008

Tailgate 4-1

Palace of Versailles, France, with Josh, my mom, and my brother, Ben, summer of 2009

Europe 643-1

Waterfalls in Oregon, fall of 2009

New York City, winter of 2010

Such a cold, cold day.

Washington D.C. with my friends Jamie and DeeDee, spring of 2010

Baby Noah? You're looking the wrong way.

Hocking Hills, Ohio, spring of 2010

Bergen, Norway, summer of 2010

Tallin, Estonia, summer of 2010

St. Petersburg, Russia, summer of 2010

Yes, I was pregnant in that picture. Yes, I do realize it is unflattering. Yes, this is why you haven't seen this pic before.

Olso, Norway
, summer of 2010

I'm totally impressed that these shoes have lasted this long. But, not surprisingly, they're losing more and more tread. And getting more and more dirty and faded. It's time. For a new pair. Or perhaps these? Help me choose! When I originally thought of this random little blog post, I had planned to end it there. But oh. my. word. Looking through these pictures. Remembering all of those moments. I'm struck with renewed thankfulness that we've had so many opportunities to travel. We so enjoy exploring new places and discovering new things. And we've been ever so blessed to partake in our favorite hobby so often over these last few years. It's humbling. Thank you, Jesus. For enabling us to go so many places. And for my red shoes.


Deni said...

I once had a pair of shoes like those (not red, but same look) that I got a goodwill...I miss them, they started getting holy!

I say this time get PURPLE!

Actually I like the second choice best!

Erika said...

I agree - something fun after the red :) Like lime green!! But out of your two choices I like them both :) Perhaps the second one but it's close.

Ali said...

Most girls get giddy about a pair of red pumps. Not you girly. Red tennis shoes. And I love it.

Kelly Michelle said...

aw I love this post. Such a cute way to look back and remember the good times you had in those shoes. Strangely, this made me want red sneakers.