Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four months and some change...

Eighteen Weeks

Um, I think that face is getting rounder by the second.

I think those baby blues are here to stay.

Her eyes are totally expressive.

I'm finally getting better at capturing smiles on camera. Thank goodness!

I still don't recognize that nose.

She's got an awesome bald spot in the back. And under that is a nice mullet.

She now likes her Bumbo seat and Exersaucer. And still hates that adorable swing that sits empty in our living room.

Sometimes I think her hair is blonde. Sometimes I think brown.

Sometimes I think she looks like me. Sometimes I think Josh.

And yes, she's still little:

11lb 8oz (8th percentile)
24.5in (56th percentile)


Ali said...

I adore her.

Erika said...

You forgot to mention how adorable she is still :)

Deni said...

Woohoo! Look at her grow! And hey, no worries about being little! They will grow in their own time. Yay for moms of little little ones :) You rock that 8th percentile girl!

Short Stop said...

HOORAY for little, littles.

I love her - she's so precious!

Amber said...

I'm subbing for a teacher this week whose wife just had an 11lb 5oz. baby. How crazy is it that at 18 weeks Caroline is just about that same size?! She's so beautiful :)

Mike and Rebecca said...

little but adorable!