Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't call the baby police...

... but may have started solids 'round here.


We may have started a few days prior to the four month mark.


We may have done zero research on it.


I may have given her mashed banana out of frazzle and in the hopes that it would stop her fussing one evening.


She may have eaten several spoonfuls that night.


We may have fed her solids every day since then.


She may be a mess each and every time.


But man does she love it.

More, please?



nicole tieri cornell said...

We did it with Whitaker too. He was a happier baby for it. In some countries, they start babies on solids at a month. Seems like she was ready. Good instincts, mama...

Stephanie Pendleton said...

too cute! you'll prob find she sleeps much longer this way - not that i EVER did this with my kids - ahahaha ;)

Ali said...

I love breaking the rules.

Deni said...

YAY for solids and yay for bananas!

Erika said...

Jess, she is just such a beautiful baby!

Erin VT said...

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