Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have a confession to make.

Josh got me these frames for Christmas, and I haven't put anything in them until now.

And no, not Christmas 2010. Christmas 2009.

Which means that we've had unfilled picture frames hanging over our bed for well over a year.

A year of seeing only the basic IKEA messaging. A year of unfinished-ness. A year where we traveled, worked on other house projects, and took lots of pictures.

Part of the problem was indecision. What to fill them with? We originally thought vacation pictures. Then family pictures. And although we looked through countless folders, the right photos never presented themselves. And we'd always thought that they should be somehow related, and close-ups. And then that made the picture hunting even more difficult.

The other part of the problem was the fact that we mostly don't care what our bedroom looks like. We don't make our bed. There are usually dirty clothes on our floor. There is a layer of dust on the furniture. I know, I know. I'm a terrible house keeper. Judge all you want. It's the simple truth. We'll work hard to clean the main floor when we have company over, but no one besides us ever sees our bedroom, and so we just lack motivation to keep it neat.

Maybe someday.

I have hopes of changing my ways. Hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, where was I?

Frames. Yes.

We finally, finally settled on the idea of a pattern instead of a photo. Once again I drew inspiration from these guys, who reminded me that you can just fill frames with paper. Who knew?

So Caroline and I headed over to the nearest Archiver's and bought $9 worth of coordinating paper. I didn't choose them all from the same brand or line of paper so that they'd be different. Not too matchy-matchy. And I tried to choose a few different kinds of patterns. I'm a sucker for polka dots and have to force myself to choose other patterns from time to time. I was hopeful that they'd just flow together.

For the record, Archiver's has WAY better paper than Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

I took 'em home and started cutting a bunch of circles using my handy dandy circle cutter. Then I experimented with a bunch of different configurations and ended up with a set that I liked.

And here's what I came up with:

Paper circles + glue stick + brown paper.

Simple. Easy. I'm not 100% in love, but I sure am relieved to have something in those frames. Especially something that only cost $9.

One of these days I'll take a full bedroom shot so that you can get the full effect.

But since the room is messy (see confessions above) you'll just have to wait.


Erika said...

very creative - i'll need to remember that trick :)

Anonymous said...

That looks super cute!! I'm a fan of that idea..and now I think I need a circle cutter!

Ali said...

Very cool!

Amy said...

I love it! But what I love more is that your room is is mine. :)