Monday, July 18, 2011

80 Years

My mom's dad is 80 today.

I love this man.

He calls randomly, just to chat.

He is an Ohio State fan and likes to rub it in.

He calls me "Jess-tica."

He is on Facebook.

He once had me convinced that I was going to fly to Florida on a "bi-plane" and that I'd need to get old-school Amelia Earhart glasses and a scarf.

He was - and still is - a tease.

He used to ask if I wanted to go to "the Springs." To me that meant a pool/lake. To him? Bed springs. Meaning a nap.

He remembers that I love grits and makes them for me for breakfast.

He used to like to tell me that my grandma had bought my cousins diamond earrings, and didn't buy me any, just to get a rise out of me.

He loves produce markets. We've visited a variety of them together, from New York City to Montreal.

I'm so thankful for him. He loves his family very well.

Gpa Bday


Laura said...

I love your grandpa too and all the fun we had at the cottage! Happy Birthday Grandpa Sharpless!

Erika said...

Great tribute! Sounds like an amazing fun man! Happy Birthday to your grandpa!

oopsydaisy said...

LOVE this pic!

Short Stop said...

LOVE this!