Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Trip, Stop #3: Savannah, GA+

[Okay, since we've now been on a second road trip, a certain husband of mine suggested I finish the posts about the first one.]

After meandering around the low country of South Carolina, including a lunchtime visit to Beaufort, we made our way to Savannah, GA.

Wait. Let me just say that Beaufort was a darling little gem. I'd really like a double-decker porch like this someday:

Savannah was a different kind of charming from Charleston. Stately, historic houses, yes. But a bit more of an eclectic feel overall.


Plus, I had no idea about Savannah's squares. Dotted throughout the city are these little city squares/parks. Like, everywhere. So unique and picturesque! They were so fun to happen upon when walking around town. The squares were specifically planned by the much-loved city founder, James Oglethorpe, a name we saw all over town.

Any fans of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil out there? Here's the famous Mercer House.

And the Pirate's House from Treasure Island? We ate there. The food was only so-so but the history was cool. Built in 1753, and still in business? Crazy.

Caroline enjoyed the swings.

And the hotel pool.

And some snuggles with her dad.

The beach (Hilton Head Island, a side trip while we were there) only got mixed reviews.


And in closing, I'll leave you with this very ladylike picture of our girl. She does this the entire time she's in this stroller.

Next stop: Atlanta. Then home again!

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