Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just for you, Mom.

Maybe you noticed that I haven't changed this blog's header since Caroline was, oh, EIGHT WEEKS OLD?

Maybe you noticed that it still said 2011?  And yet here we are in March of 2012?


My mom called me a couple weeks back, wondering if I'd EVER change the old, tired header.  Well, here you go!

And apparently I felt all rainbow-brighty-springy today.  Because POW this header is colorful.  But hey, there are blue skies today and the bright colors match my baby's rainbow dress.

I apologize in advance to my sweet husband who always chooses dark colors.  This header will probably be up until the snow melts in 2013.

As I was putting this one up, I briefly scrolled through blog headers of old.  They could DEFINITELY be used as examples of why Jessica L. Brown should never come close to Adobe products.  She's clueless. 

But they make me smile...

Back from February of 2009.  Back when A) I managed to get the entire Adobe Suite for free due to Josh being a full time student at IU (AH-MAZING) and actually started to design headers and B) Riley was only baby.
2009.02 Blog Header copy 2

Then this one, done in the late summer of that same year.  I always liked that picture of us. 2009.07 Blog Header COPY3

I got sort of into this blog header design thing, and pumped this one out 3 months later. 2009.10 Blog Header

And its close cousin, two months after that. 2009.12 Blog Header

Then it appears that I cooled on the whole idea of designing regular headers, because this one is from a full year later.
 2010.01 Blog Header

This one's a favorite. Year around. Always cute. Poor Riley. He doesn't get much blog love these days.
 2010.02 Blog Header

Can't lie. Never liked this one. Summer 2010 2010.06 Blog Header

This one reminds me of our Christmas Card from 2010. Because I designed the two at the same time. 2010.11 Blog Header

And here's the one you saw for WAY too long, and the first one that was graced with a Caroline head in addition to a Riley head. 2011.01 Blog Header

Since I have taken almost zero pictures of Riley over the past year, he's going to have to deal with not being a part of this header. Sorry buddy. 2012.03 Blog Header

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Erika said...

Poor Riley, Caroline came along and now he's second fiddle... He'll have to go to doggy therapy one day I'm sure ;)