Monday, March 26, 2012


It's been on our hearts since Christmas.

Another nudge, if you will.

We want to serve Jesus in Africa this summer.

Our church, Vista Community Church, has slowly been building a relationship with a small group of new churches in Kenya.  We've been able to give them funds to purchase sugar cane fields, in addition to some other crops.  Those fields will provide the churches and pastors with a renewable source of income.  Fantastic.  Over the past while, we've also supplied them with funding to build/finish three separate buildings.  More info here.

If you've ever been around Vista, you may have noticed that we don't have a church building.  We meet in a high school and a movie theater.  But in truth, we've got 3 buildings.  They're just in Africa.  (Actually, we have one more building - an orphanage in Cambodia.)

These Kenyan churches are growing.  God is moving there.  To borrow a metaphor from Jesus, seeds have been planted in Kenya over the years.  Spiritual seeds.  I want to know more about God seeds.  People are coming to know Jesus personally.  He is at work.  And, if it's His will, we'll get to be a teeny tiny part of that this summer.

Lord willing, we're going to be a part of a 14-person team, traveling to Bungoma, Kenya, in mid-August of this year.  Our small part will be helping to grow these new churches.  We're planning to run a vacation Bible school for local kids, which will serve as an additional bridge between the pastors and the community. 

I'm thrilled for the opportunity to do this together.  Josh and me.  Josh hasn't even been on a mission trip, and I haven't since college.  And this is an experience we'll get to share.  So exciting.

Caroline will be staying behind, with our very eager parents.

It brings tears to my eyes just to think of leaving her for TEN WHOLE DAYS.  And yet, I know it's the right thing to do, and that she'll be in excellent hands while we're gone.

We would love your prayers.  For the work we'll be doing there.  For people's hearts.  For that seeds that have been planted and will be planted. 

Thanks much. 


Anonymous said...

Excited for you guys - and to hear all about it :)


Deni said...

Awesome! I love that you want to serve like this! :)

Marla Taviano said...

How exciting!! Leaving our girls when we went to Cambodia in 2010 was sooooooo hard (and they were lots older than Caroline). But it was amazing. And God gave me lots and lots of other kiddos to love and hold while we were gone (and our girls had so much fun without us).

Ali said...

So so awesome!