Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cape Cod Vacation

140-1 Looking for a great summer destination?  Get thee to Cape Cod.

We met up with Josh's parents in Boston, and rented a little two bedroom place on the water halfway down the Cape.  Perfection!
With the Cape you'll find picturesque islands, cute towns, fantastic beaches, and delicious seafood.  And then if you want to enjoy a day or two exploring a big city, Boston is super close. 

And what's not fun about Martha's Vineyard?

Ferry ride?  Check.

Good food, beautiful water views, sandy beaches?  Check, check, check.

Gingerbread cottages?  Yes indeedy.

Bike rentals?   Yes as well.  Although why has no one ever mentioned that bike riding while pulling a small child in a Burley trailer is HARD WORK?  We had to take turns with that bike, and almost died riding back to the bike shop.  This one, on the other hand, took a nice nap.

We were on the Cape for a week, and did all kinds of local/touristy activities.

Beach walking (despite the chilly weather.)

Lighthouse viewing.

Lobster and clam chowder eating.

Mini-golf playing.

More eating.  Well.

And driving down to Newport, RI, and exploring some crazy/elaborate/over-the-top mansions from the turn of the century "Gilded Age."

At the end of the trip, we did some Boston sight-seeing.

We had to hop on this donkey (in front of Old City Hall) because that's exactly what we did on our 2004 Boston trip.

2012: Married for almost 7 years, one toddler in tow, one baby on the way...

2004: In college, still dating, on vacation with my parents.  Don't we look like kids? That's because we were!

In closing, I'll leave you with my favorite "let's get a group shot" pic. This particular group shot happened to include a tired toddler. Classic. 496

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Kelly said...

Such a cute family and congrats on the little one on the way! It seems like you had a blast (minus the whole bike thing). My family rents a Cape Cod vacation rental every year, but lately I haven't been able to go due to some other pressing matters. I really do miss the Cape and hope to get back there soon. Looking at your pictures made me feel like I was there again. Thanks so much for sharing!