Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We enjoyed a good old fashioned visit from our friends, the LeComptes, this past weekend.

Friends who are willing to travel to visit us?  High on the list of God's blessings to our family.

We have fantastic memories with these folks.  Like that weekend where we watched the first two seasons of The Office straight through.  The one where we played Guitar Hero constantly. The one where the four adults (pre-kids of our own) babysat for another friend's baby.  At that other friend's house.  The one where we picked out prints of Venice and frames to hang on the LeComptes' living room walls.

The LeComptes were the first to bring kids into the mix, and then they really outdid themselves with having twins two years later.  Caroline arrived on the scene just two months later.  Let's just say our weekends together look a bit different than they used to. 

They came down for a visit in December of 2010, when their twins were just a couple months old and Caroline was brand new.  If I remember correctly, DeeDee and I spent the weekend on the couch.  Nursing. A couple of months later we Browns went to visit them in Michigan, and I think DeeDee's and my only excursion was a trip to the grocery store with all four kids.

But this trip?  Now that all of the little buggers can walk and run and don't need to nurse constantly?

We can do extra-fun things.

Like the splash park in downtown Columbus.

Look at this place.  Summertime kiddy paradise.  AND it's free.

These kids ran around like crazy folks.

Up and down the aisles. 

Back and forth. 0623_2546

Pit stop. Kisses needed.

All morning long, they were as happy as clams.

Here's Drew.  And Will.  Let's just say all three kids were easy to spot with bright red hair and matching swim shirts.
0623_2571 0623_2595

And then we stopped for a picnic lunch.  What more can you ask for?

Then it was time to pack up and head home. Why? Because of the MAJOR LEAGUE WONDERFUL TRUTH about water play. It makes for spectacular nap times.  And not just for the kids.0623_2669

These two? Be still my heart. 0623_2680-2

Our weekend adventures with the LeCompte family will continue to evolve as our families grow up and change and all of that.  Paint ball?  Movies?  Kickball in the backyard?  Keeping the boys away from the girl(s?)

But what we appreciate about these friends, these weekends, is that it doesn't matter at all what we all do.  Toddler-centric activities or otherwise.  We will always have good times and make fantastic memories.

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