Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The state of things

Earlier today...
-Caroline and I went out for lunch to Pei Wei, which is my favorite. AND I found a gift card in my sock drawer this morning that covered it. Bonus. AND we went with one of my dear friends + her little guy.
-We went one last time to our favorite park.
-We had one (of many) miscellaneous house projects completed. This time, it was fixing the garage door that hasn't opened for six months. Always ironic to fix things on the way out, isn't it?
-Some very thoughtful friends brought over a pizza for dinner, complete with all necessary paper products AND a cheesecake. Perfection.

To do
Right now...
-I should be packing/organizing/calling some company about cancelling some service.
-The house is still as full as it once was, and is somewhat organized into the camps of "going," "staying," and "luggage."
-I don't know how I feel about the move. Sad. Apprehensive. Excited. Nervous. Happy. But mostly a bit numb. There are a lot of details rolling through my head so I haven't given much space to feelings. They'll come.

-Movers arrive.
-A sweet friend is going to take Caroline for the morning.
-We have a "going away happy hour" to attend with Josh's work buddies.
 Living room

-Movers finish up.
-A different sweet friend is going to take Caroline for the morning.
-We'll sleep in our own house for the last time in a LONG time.
-It'll sure look different around here, with most of the junk gone.

-We'll leave our Ohio house.
-We'll drive to Grand Rapids.
-We'll watch Michigan beat Alabama (hopefully) with some old Michigan friends.

-My parents are throwing us a English Tea-themed Bon Voyage party. Complete with homemade clotted cream, three different types of scones, and Union Jack cookies.
-Josh and I will fly to England via Chicago.
-I'll get to meet my new nephew before we leave!

Monday - Friday of next week...
-We'll run around town getting our apartment in order as much as possible. First stop: Ikea.

Next week Saturday...
-My mom and Caroline will arrive in the UK and we'll have fun showing both of them around town. My mom will stay with us for a week, which will be great (not to mention helpful!) I'm thinking a show (Jersey Boys, perhaps?) is in order.

And of course, all of these plans are contingent on them being a part of God's will.  And our visas coming through.


Jess said...

We will miss you Browns!!!!!!!! Can't waitron keep in touch via the blogosphere!!

Mary Kate said...

What's crazy to me, is that the NEXT time you post, you'll probably be in London!!!

Missing you already. Love you so very much.

Ali said...

I honestly don't know how you are doing it all. You are a super momma.