Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bon Voyages

Did I mention we have the best friends and family ever? Because we do.

People were so sweet about our big move. They offered to babysit. They brought us food and gave us gifts. They threw us parties.

First, our friends Amber and Michael gave us a great Columbus send-off. They opened up their home and their grill and so many of our good friends came by.


These little buddies. We miss them! 0818_4623
And, would you believe, it was Amber's first week back to work after having a baby a few months ago. How sweet/selfless is that?!

Second, before we left for the UK, my parents threw us such a fun little send-off party. The theme? English Tea Party, of course! The guests were a great mix of family and friends, and we were totally spoiled and blessed by it all. My mom included all of these awesome little British touches, including clotted cream, tea sandwiches, and 4 different types of scones. Adorable. best of

My brother, Ben, and his girlfriend, Annie, couldn't come to the official party, but we got to see them for a bit before we took off.  Here we all are... good looking family, huh?
From left to right: Me (and New Girl), Josh, Caroline, my mom, Aiyannah, Aiydan, my dad, Montoya, Aiyveri, Ben, Annie..

Thank you, everyone, for making us feel so very loved and cherished. We so appreciate you all. And miss you. Terribly.

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Ali said...

Great pics. Love the party your mom pulled off.