Saturday, October 13, 2012

Edinburgh Castle

Visiting this fabulous old fortress was a highlight of our time in Edinburgh.

The castle is perched up high on a rocky hill overlooking the city.  There are actually all of these old cannons perched up there, pointing down in all directions.  The position is great for defending a medieval attack!  And, for our purposes, great for getting fantastic views of the city in all directions.

The castle's architecture is such that it appears to grow right out of the craggy rocks.  The buildings are situated on a number of different levels, so you actually walk up in a spiral to the very top.

Despite a few good picture-taking times, we happened to visit the castle when it was cold, windy, and rainy.  Caroline loved feeling the wind whip her hat strings every which way and ran around like a crazy girl when we let her loose from her stroller

Since it was cold we made it clear to her that the hat should remain ON her head.  She often had a difference of opinion.

Us: Hat on, Caroline.
{She continues to pull it off of her head and trail it along the dirty wet sidewalk.}
Us: Caroline, hat on.  It's cold outside.
Caroline: All done hat on.

Repeat that conversation a good fifty times, and you'll get the picture.

Anyway, as we were headed back down the hill we caught a glimpse of a rainbow stretching over the castle and city behind it.  If only we were in Ireland!  Then it would have been such a perfect cultural moment.

As it was, it was just a nice reprieve from the nasty weather. edinburgh castle


Ali said...

That rainbow picture! Oh my goodness!

Jess said...

The lion reminds me of Aslan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've taken some fantastic pictures here, especially the night shot of the castle and the one with the rainbow! Your little girl looks like she's having fun and I can just imagine the conversation about the hat. Very cute! I'd agree with you, too - the castle was probably my favourite place when I visited Edinburgh. I love the old town as well. My friend booked a self-catering apartment for us because we went for a few weeks, so we had plenty of opportunity to go and try some of the local foods and restaurants. Found some great places and just had such a nice relaxing stay. We also went to Mary King's Close which was pretty spooky and gave us the creeps for the evening. But otherwise the whole thing was just fantastic. Thanks for reminding me with this blog :)