Saturday, October 6, 2012


My desire to sit down in one place for an hour (okay, a day) is in consistent conflict with Josh's go-go-go, see-see-see attitudes.

I can't say I really blame him.  I can jet into central London and explore a museum on a whim on a Tuesday morning, or Thursday afternoon, but he works Monday through Friday and doesn't get home in enough time to do anything fun in the evenings.  So Mr. Loves To Explore is limited to the weekends.  And he's usually pretty sweet about making sure I get lots of food, naps, and coffee shop stops when we go places.  So that's good.

Two weekends ago (yes, I have all kinds of adventures to catch up on) we took our first family road trip into the English countryside.  The logical tourist hotspot on our list?  Stonehenge. 

For a group of rocks amidst a gaggle of sheep pastures, it is quite the draw.  Hello tour buses.  And Brown family.  While technically you can peek over the fence at the stones, we chose to be proper paying customers.  The single admission would have cost us about eight pounds per adult, we actually decided to go big and bought a full membership for a year that gives us access to hundreds of historical destinations.  Look out, England!  The Browns are determined to explore every impressive old church, charming little town, falling-down abbey, and grandiose castle in a four hour radius of London.  And now we don't even have to pay admission.

Anyway, Stonehenge.  Complete with audio tour, which was funny to me.  Is there really that much to learn?  Perhaps not, but the fact that the structure has been standing for 4500 years is pretty darned impressive.

Somebody in our family simply appreciated the ample space to run around.  And she cared little for the ropes.  She's also developing her inner diva and has developed a love for sunglasses.  Lord, help

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Ali said...

How fascinating - the rope thing. I mean, it makes sense, but I've never seen Stonehenge from that angle. So thank you for broadening my perspective. And I keep reminding Matt that you went to Scotland for your birthday. He has 5 months to top that.