Tuesday, May 8, 2007

General Update

So life continues as usual here at the Brown home...

We haven't been up to too much lately, but at the same time we've kept pretty busy! We went to a very interesting conference at church last weekend, where we got to learn about the directions the church is going in terms of missions. We are obviously not going to be around Mars that much longer, but what the church plans to do in Africa was of interest to us both. Mars is going to be involved in microfinance in the country of Burundi. Microfinance involves granting small loans to poor people, enabling them to start or continue small businesses. We were amazed to find out the amount of money these people need to start a better life can be as little as $20. They use it to purchase anything from sewing machines to cows to raw materials. Also amazing to us is the repayment rate - 98%! People in terrible situations view these loans as the only thing that will improve their life and they are MOTIVATED to act! It makes a lot of sense to me - what they want more than handouts of even sponsorship of their children is just the ability to make for themselves a better life! We are reading this book on this topic right now, which was fascinating!

We don't know how we'll be able to get involved in this exciting ministry, but we're open to the possibilities God may present us with!

Josh starts school in less than 3 months, and we move in like 2.5... a very strange feeling! We're working on getting some things taken care of! Books, computers, apartments, placement tests... all sorts of details!

On July 24th, we will be the residents of:

3307 John Hinkle Place
Bloomington, IN 47408

Here are pictures of our new place - floorplan and outside. Check out the tiny kitchen! Goodness! We plan to slim down on some dishes and such.

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