Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ice Cream, Tulips, and Moms

Friday Night - Out for ice cream at Jersey Junction with Bryan and Erika.
Saturday Night - We went to downtown Holland to eat carnival food and watch the Dutch Dancers with Matt and Erin. Erin, being a Dutch Dancer herself, told us all about the different costumes and the history of the dancers. Funny enough - they are very particular about the costumes but the dance itself was created by a high school teacher in Holland, MI.
After Tulip Time fun, we went over to the Ehinger's house and (what else!) played Guitar Hero. We also had a fun time with their yellow lab puppy, Dilbert.
Benny planted some flowers for our mom for Mother's Day. She loved it!
Mom and kids.
We enjoyed a fun-filled summer weekend with friends and family. We went out for ice cream and played some games with Bryan and Erika on Friday, went out to Holland for Tulip Time fun with Matt and Erin on Saturday, then had lunch with the Wittes on Sunday. It was beautiful and sunny and we had a great time overall. As much as we're excited to start our new adventure, we are sad to be leaving friends and family behind. We have been so blessed with relationships these past two years.

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buurstra+buurstra said...

yummy! pretty! and aww, how sweet!

my mother-in-law absolutely loved the mug! thx for doing naked plates with me!