Monday, July 2, 2007

3 more weeks...

Wow. Weird to say. Actually three weeks and 1 day until we get in and start painting! Thankfully we've got lots of help coming in, which we've very thankful for. Our apartment is looking more and more bare these days! Sad!

Summer has been beautiful here in Grand Rapids so far! I love being outside and it is hard being cooped up in an office all day! We have enjoyed playing tennis together and taking walks around our apartment complex in the evenings after work. We've also been busy on weekends, between going to our friends' wedding in Monroe, playing bocce ball in Alger Heights, and even huffing and puffing around the north east side of town. Yes, last weekend Kara got me to RUN with her around her neighborhood. I'm not a runner but she went nice and slow for me :).
This past weekend was a blast, with a trip to the Tigers game on Saturday and an old-fashioned Witte party at Big Whitefish Lake. The gang was all there, and even Michelle and Rowley came up from Chicago. We had many games of "Washers" going on in addition to skiing, tubing, and swimming. Josh is apparantly very good at Washers - see his picture below. The little girls enjoyed finding "shells" - aka nasty little snails from the shallow water and baby Noah loved splashing around with them. I'm still recovering from my attempts at my slalom, which needs some definite work.
Otherwise we're just excited to move on to our new adventure and sad to leave all that we have here. We are trusting God to lead us with every step, including finances, studies, friends, and a church. He has blessed us so far and we are trusting His goodness from here on out. I'm excited for Josh and all that he will get to learn and experience at school. We will see what God does in both of our lives in these next two years!
On on unrelated note, I have decided that I really want to learn to cook. Well. I've been really into the Food Network lately (Rachael Ray is my favorite) and have been checking out recipes online as well. Last week I actually cooked a terrible dinner, which was discouraging, but it made me want to learn how to be better and more creative with food. I'm going to ask for cooking lessons for my birthday this year (in addition to a puppy and The Office Season 3).

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