Thursday, July 12, 2007


I shed my first few tears tonight over leaving Grand Rapids and moving to Bloomington.

It was our last small group.

We have loved these past two years, faithfully meeting on alternate Thursdays with six individuals who have become some of our very best friends. From our first meeting I have always felt welcomed and encouraged and simply right at home. God knew what he was up to in putting us all together, and I am oh so thankful for two great years of sharing meals, fellowship, laughs, and life together. I have loved our discussions about God, the Bible, and church - as well as our great conversations about recipes and clothes and families. One aspect of our little group that I was always encouraged by was the high level of respect that we always had for each other, in that I always felt comfortable in sharing my thoughts. I really think everyone felt like that and we often ended up with great debates and discussions. Spending quality time with other couples that follow Jesus has also encouraged us in our marriage.

Pete, Julie, Ryan, Kara, Bryan, Erika -

Thank you for being such faithful, sincere, true friends to us. Both individually and as a group, you have blessed us in so many ways. Man will we miss you guys.

I know we won't be able to meet regularly and such anymore (pouty lip, like Grayson had going on tonight) but we don't plan on giving up your friendship any time soon. You're stuck with us.

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buurstra+buurstra said...

Jess & Josh: We want you both to know how much we have, and will continue, to appreciate your friendship. We had no idea when we started the "Under the Chuppah" class that we would end up with such great friends. We are sad that you are leaving GR as well but we trust that God is leading you in a direction that will bring wonderful things into your lives and we are so excited for you both! I believe that people come into our lives for a reason and we feel so blessed to have gained much from our friendship thus far, and I know we will continue to in the future. We will continue to email and have the blogs...and I promise to update often!! And we'll definitely come down for a visit so keep that futon handy! God's blessings to you both in your new adventure! And this isnt good bye! Only so long for now...