Thursday, October 18, 2007


I feel like it has been a long time since I've blogged and I really feel bad about it! Is that weird? I mean, its not like I'm as bad as Kara or anything :).

In a general update, here has been my week, not including my jobs!

Training for another side-job through Josh's school
A trip to the grocery store for cake ingredients and then the ice cream shop for a mini date
Baking "Better Than Sex" cake

Goodbye to Josh, who wouldn't be back until Friday
Dessert night (where I brought the aforementioned cake and guilted certain friends into coming for that reason)
Partner's Club Meeting to decide leadership positions for 2008 (if you know me you will not be surprised but it turns out I will be co-chair for next year - should be interesting - and fun)

Communicating details of leadership meeting to everyone
Dinner with other co-chair
Book club (discussion was about Persuasion)
Go home and frantically pick up in preparation for my parents and grandparents to stay the night
Hang out with parents and grandparents before bed

(pre-work) Breakfast with parents and grandparents
Drive to Indy with my mom to meet my dad for dinner (at P.F. Changs, my favorite!!)

Pick up friend Jamie in Indy and hang out
See hubby again when he comes back into town

It was definitely a fun week - sad without my hubby, but thankfully busy so I wasn't sitting around lonely at home. Now I'm off to have some reading/God time. On that note - does anyone know of a good devotional type study that really gets into the Bible that is really good? I'm having a hard time just getting into the Word lately, and I feel like some kind of resource that would hold my hand a little bit as I dig in would be helpful.

In case you're curious, Josh has been on a "tour of Ohio" - visiting American Greetings, Nestle, Scotts Miracle Grow, and Proctor and Gamble with other students from Kelley. His school takes week-long breaks every semester for those who are in the same fields can do field-specific things. As a CMA (Consumer Marketing Academy) boy, he went to visit some CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies with the other CMAs. Clear as mud?

I'm excited for him to be home tomorrow.

Also excited for Jamie's visit! Nashville, IN, here we come.


buurstra+buurstra=anotherbuurstra said...

Dang cheetah! You sure were a busy girl! Sounds fun though! Coffee on Wednesday would work-give me a hollar early next week and we can figure it out! TAke care, have a great weekend!

Mansuetude said...

I found you from another blog, they were all lamenting what they missed when they moved. You missed Bonefish Grill. We have one here in NC so now I am going to try it.