Saturday, October 13, 2007

My husband, the Michigan Fan

Jessica: So your friend Kelly was telling me about why she decided to get her MBA at IU.

Josh: Oh yeah?

Jessica: Yeah, it was between IU and Ohio State, and she said she just got a really good feeling from IU when she came to visit. Plus, IU gave her a better financial offer.

Josh: And with IU you don't get that feeling that you're selling your soul to the devil.


Erika said...

You two are hilarious! Thanks for the conversations, Jess, I appreciate reading them.

Riley looks incredibly guilty in his picture:) And stinkin' cute. I'd have hard time disciplining him :)

Also- I meant to email you to respond to your comment, but I can't find your email address in my account. Don't ask me how I lost it. So, if you could email me quickly, Jess, and I'll email you back. Thanks :)

sbaar said...

Lol. That's awesome! It definitely sounds like something Kent would say. And it's true.