Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Weekend in Bloomington

We did the IU thing this weekend and did some tailgating with friends. Lawn games (a new form of washers), friends, food (since it was largely planned by girls we had an overabundance of baked goods! mmm...), and even some craft magazines Lora brought. What could be better? And why didn't we do this at Michigan? Recommended.

Then we did the un-IU thing and actually went to the game. Well, half of it.

A couple of observations:

1. It is still HOT and it is October. Come on weather. Football needs to be watched in jeans and sweatshirts. We were boiling in 93 degree heat during the game so left early and watched the remainder from an air conditioned sports bar.
2. IU has fun crowd cheers, like doing a march with your arms on first down (see Patrick, Josh, and Chad below)
3. I still don't know what the IU quarterback's name is, but they did win (over Minnesota) and are now 1 game away from being bowl-eligible. Pretty much all an Indiana fan asks for.
4. Lots of people tailgate. Some go to the game, but most stay tailgating. We left right before the half, walked back through "tailgate row" and there wasn't a noticable difference in people there in comparison to that morning.
5. We were given free tickets, didn't sit in assigned seats, and were really close to the field. A very strange feeling!

Then for Saturday evening we reconvened with friends and went to an appetizer+wine tasting night at a local winery. Really pretty spot. Then back to our place for some football on TV and pizza. A fun-filled day :).
Good clean Indiana fun.
Today was church and then off to do group work/study for Josh. He is gearing up for a busy week.

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Jaimbob said...

The best part is how Josh is standing next to that guy in the one picture. Josh has on an Indiana shirt while the other guy has on a Hoosiers shirt... so it's kinda like in high school when a cheerleader holds up a sign saying "go" and the other person holds up the sign that says "team"... :) "indiana"... "hoosiers"... ok I think I'm just really sleepy... :)