Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Big Day For The Car

Moment 1:
I walk out of work into the parking lot, and notice that the car looks weird. Lopsided. That look it has when there is a flat tire involved. Sad.

Since I have never changed a tire in my life and didn't want to break the better of the two cars we own, I went back into the office and asked for help. Three folks from work, plus a nice random guy, came out to assist, and I got a nice lesson on jacks, lug nuts, and donuts. I now know how, even if I don't have the strength to get the lug nuts loose. We now have the smallest little tire ever on there. Josh tried to take it in tonight but made it too late... I'll try and take it in tomorrow.

Moment 2:
I gave a coworker, Ryan, a ride to the Convention Center this afternoon, where we were prepping for a big event tonight. Right when we got there someone asked him to run to the grocery store for something, so I handed him my keys so he could run out quick. He comes back 10 minutes later, super worried, saying "I can't get your car to start." Crap. Not another car problem for one day! So we head out and get almost to my car and it suddenly dawns on him. Wrong car.

He had actually broken into someone else's car (that was left open!), sat next to a purse left on the passenger seat, tried every key on my ring, wondered why in the world does she have a Toyota key for a Chevy?, and was unable to get it to start. Not a surprise! He told me later that some guy in the parking lot was eyeing him suspiciously the whole time, as thought he thought Ryan might be stealing the car. And actually, he kind of was trying to car-jack without knowing it.


buurstra+buurstra=anotherbuurstra said...

that is too funny! sadly, i could see myself doing something like that...

do you guys like your corolla? pete's car is dying and we are looking at replacing it possibly with a corolla...just curious what your experience has been...prior to today or yesterday that is! :)

sbaar said...

That is really funny. I have only changed a tire once, and it is both easier and harder than it looks. I was lucky that I only had to change it in my driveway, but I can't imagine blowing a tire on a highway or something.

aletha jo said...

That is HILAIROUS! He got in the wrong car? I would have been peeing my pants laughing. HA!

The Telmans said...

Okay, that was pretty funny. I also appreciate the hilarity of the earphones in the last post. Seriously Jess, how do you find time to blog so often? I'm proud if I get two in a month (and that has only happened once!)