Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brown Family Update #1


Thick in the middle of "case competition" work. They (thankfully) have the week off from class but (unfortunately) have a massive project to present on Thursday. Their job is to figure out what the Lego company should do to get profits back up. From what I understand, this toy giant has been slipping in popularity since video games have become so popular. So he will eat/sleep/breathe Lego's for the next few days and hopefully have some stellar idea to present to the class on Thursday. Anyone have any grand suggestions? Feel free to leave them here.

He has also been practicing interview skills, both at school and with me and Riley at home. Well, just me at home. I have a cereal bowl filled with interview question flashcards that I pull out at random and ask him. He starts interviewing for his all-important summer internship in early January, which is coming WAY SOON.

Who wouldn't want to hire this guy?

I'll add updates for Riley and me soon, but I have to finish this extra job/project first. 2.5 more hours to go! And then I'm done and can await my extra paycheck. Yipee!

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Jaimbob said...

I think that legos don't leave much up to the imagination any more... most of the sets let you only build one item and then it just sits there... plus they appeal to certain groups of people like the star wars group or the nascar group... I do like their robotics concept, but that set is way expensive. I think the legos need to be more versatile... allow for more then one thing to be built...