Tuesday, November 13, 2007

India Night

So I really have to take a break from the updates to bring you some shots from India Night...

Did you ever think you'd see Josh wearing Indian clothes AND dancing to Indian music? Awesome.

The Indian students from the MBA program (and there are quite a few!) put on an excellent cultural event for the rest of us on Saturday night. They served REALLY good food, performed Indian songs and dances, and one guy even painted our names in Hindi. Very cool. I also got a henna tattoo put on my hand, which is fun. It is still there 3 days later! We had so much fun!


buurstra+buurstra=anotherbuurstra said...

reminds me of that "office" episode where they all go to kelly's indian party and michael tells his date it is a costume party and she comes dressed like a cheerleader...ha.

and then takes the mike and starts singing the hannuka (sp?!) song by adam sandler...ha.

looks like fun! :)

sbaar said...

Yes, I love it! Both the event and the reference to The Office. :)

buurstra+buurstra=anotherbuurstra said...

loving the trash talk! ha! you make me laugh!!

i know, i know...i've been delinquent. we have a new computer set up that is not allowing me to upload pics to the blog so really. whats the point without pics of my little cutie?!

i will try this afternoon...i have an idea for something-nothing too original, dont get too excited. :)

buurstra+buurstra said...

not quite as bad as kara...but close! it's saturday you know! :)