Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So am I the last to discover this delightful (and free!) resource? Picasa is my new best friend.

For those of you who are similarly clueless, Picasa does double duty as a picture organizer/viewer AND a poor man's Photoshop.

Actually, it is also a dumb man's Photoshop. We have that program loaded onto Josh's computer (as a student he can get it super cheap through the University) but I really can't make heads or tails of it. Picasa has fewer photo editing options, but for me that is a good thing as I'm overwhelmed by Photoshop anyway. Picasa, in my opinion, is even easier to use than Microsoft Office Picture Manager - and has really fun options.

I've been playing with some of my favorite pictures of my boys and discovered some of the fun editing options. Easy cropping and Sepia tones were used on the top picture. Then in the bottom picture Josh's hand came out blurry in the original photo. It always bothered me, but I've figured out how to focus the picture in on their faces, while making the rest a little blurry. Now his hand blends in better. And I used a soft glow option on it :) FUN.

Another great thing? Pictures (like these) load directly to Blogger with the click of a button. And I don't have to input them one at a time! Yipee!!!

Next I'm going to work on making some online albums, and when I do I'll post a link.
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aletha @ pearls events said...

These are cute photos, Jessica!

Short Stop said...

I love Picasa! Did you download Picasa2?? It's amazing what it can do.

I am learning Photoshop. We just bought Photoshop Elements 6.0 with our new camera and I am LOVING it. It's a tough learning curve, but really fun to use now that I'm getting it.