Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Need Some Advice

Please leave your comments below! I'd appreciate your help on a couple of things:

1. Can somone fill me in on what Skype is all about? Is it only talking verbally to others on the system? Are there instant message capabilities?

2. And what about LinkedIn? Is it a "grown-up" version of facebook? Do I need to ask others to be my friends?

I had a customer invite me to both of these today, and I don't really know a ton about them. Does anyone use either of these?

3. If you could choose between a Toyota Prius Hybrid and a Ford Escape Hybrid, what would you pick?


aletha jo said...

No idea about Skpe except that some friends of mine use it to chat with my sister. They live in Germany!

LinkedIn is a networking system. Sort of like MySpace or Facebook, but without all the extras like music, backgrounds, applications, etc. You just put your info out there and connect with others you know, and sometimes those you do not. It's def. to network, not to make new friends, in my opinion.

I'd chose the Prius. Unless you need the room that the Escape has.

Hope you and Josh are coming up next weekend! I look forward to catching up :)

Jeremy said...

Skype = phonecalls over the internet. It's free from computer to computer, and I think fairly cheap for computer to real phone.

Unless you were going to get an SUV anyway, there's no reason to get the Escape. It's mileage will still be significantly worse than lots of normal cars.

sbaar said...

1. Skype is awesome cause now I can talk to my sister in South Africa over the internet for free. We currently do voice-to-voice, but we're working on getting her a webcam so we can do video! And yes, it has IM capabilities. You can even play a couple games against the person you're chatting with. It's pretty cool. And yes, internet-to-internet calls are free. Internet-to-landline calls are pretty cheap.

2. I don't know LinkedIn very well, but Aletha had a good response. :)

3. My rational side says Prius. My "I-want-to-be-a-cool-person-with-an-SUV" side says Escape. :)

Short Stop said...

Skype - I think everyone above explained it. We're gonna investigate it more when we move so the grandparents can see the kids live.

LinkedIn - professional networking site. Childish (LOL!) stuff omitted.

Prius. Jason wishes he had gotten one.

Lynn said...

If you have any more Skype questions, send me an email. We use it on a DAILY basis. It is completely free and easy to download to your computer. If you both have webcams, you can see each other while you talk. My parents watch Adeline eat, play, talk, walk, etc. If you don't have a webcam (you can get one for as cheap as $10), you need to have a headset with a microphone so the person you are talking to can hear you.

The prices for using it as a phone change depending on where you are. It costs me $.02 a minute to call people.

I think it is a MUST HAVE if you have friends or family that don't get to see you often.

Dave and Jenni said...

1. I know nothing about Skype.

2. Ditto to what everyone else said about LinkedIn.

3. Prius is so much more practical, but I miss my SUV sometimes so that's a tough call for me. But I'd still probably go with the Prius.