Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow Moments

This past week I've had quite a few "wow" moments.

As in, "wow, that was a long time ago" or "wow, I'm getting old." I do realize, dear Reader, that it might sound funny (and perhaps obnoxious) coming from someone who has yet to cross the "big two-five" line. But still...

1. Josh and I went out for Mexican last week and I broke a retainer bracket by eating an extra-hard tortilla chip. It brought me back to being a young teenager FINALLY getting braces taken off my teeth. The orthodontist then put on permanent retainers so my teeth wouldn't move back, and ever since then I've lived with little wires attached to the backs of my front teeth. And then it crossed my mind:

I got my braces off a full 10 years ago!

I'm now at a point in my life where I can clearly remember a decade ago. And I felt pretty grown up at that big braces moment, if I can recall correctly.

2. We drove through Ann Arbor this past weekend to visit friends in Saline (nearby town), and thought:

It has been over 3 years (4 for Josh) since we were in school and lived here in Ann Arbor.

It actually seems quite a bit longer than that - almost like it was a dream or a different lifetime.

3. In just a couple of days we'll celebrate our anniversary (more on that later!) and we've been thinking:

Have we really been married for 3 years? Where HAS the time gone?


Erika said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! Bryan and I were just commenting on the same thing the other night. Three years, wow, it goes by so fast doesn't it :)

Oh, and my mom LOVED The Shack - she can't stop telling people to read it.

Short Stop said...

This post was really cool.

It really is hard to believe how time can just slip on by. I can't believe I have birthed 3 babies. I feel like Jason and I just got married. And, it's been 6 1/2 years.

Dave and Jenni said...

It is amazing how life continues on and suddenly you're like, "wait, when did that happen?"

Any special anniversary plans?? :)

Lynn said...

and it just keeps going faster......

Happy Anniversary!