Monday, June 16, 2008

In Loving Memory

John Witte

My Opa (the one that wrote me the letter) went home to be with the Lord this past Friday.

Loving husband

Father of 9

Grandfather to many

Hard worker

Dutch immigrant

Member of the Dutch Resistance during WW2

Loved his family, his church, and his Lord

Always cheated at cards when playing with his grandkids :)

See here for more about his incredible life.

He will be missed.


Erika said...
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Erika said...

Jess, I'm sorry for your loss. Knowing that one you love is with Jesus doesn't make the pain any less. But sometimes, it can help knowing you will see him again. We'll be praying for you,

(I deleted my last comment bc I realized I said something incorrectly after I posted it- whoops :) )

Short Stop said...

Oh, Jess. I love this tribute you wrote to him here. It just shows your love for him. And, I love it that you wrote how he cheated at cards. I was tearing up and then read that and started laughing!

Praying for your family.

Dave and Jenni said...

I know it must be difficult to lose such a special family member - I'll be praying that you all are comforted through the loss. See you Thursday.